Her Protector
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Rating:  Sensual

*Note: This book is no longer available for purchase.  Pamela is currently working on revising and expanding the book.*
After escaping from an abusive relationship and arriving in her hometown of Lexington, Oklahoma, Tricia Stephens needs help in a big way to stay one step ahead of her ex-boyfriend. Fearful of police involvement and flat broke, she's still reluctant to accept help from Clint Owens, a man she had a disastrous and humiliating affair with eight years earlier. His sudden appearance and white-knight-in-shining-armor act doesn't impress her, even if he does have the full support of her friends.

The sight of bruises on Tricia's face is all Clint needs to feel justified in doing whatever is necessary to keep her safe. When she balks at accepting his help, he doesn't hesitate to use force as a method of persuasion. He's determined to protect her, even if she fights him every step of the way.

With each passing day Clint's supportive and caring attitude slowly weakens Tricia's resolve to keep him at a distance. Still, it's imperative she remembers that he's already proven himself to be untrustworthy and capable of betrayal. And she mustn't forget that domineering side of him that had shown itself recently--a side she'd never known existed. It certainly hadn't been in her plan to trade in one controlling man for another.
Finding Passion
Now available from Beachwalk Press
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Rating:  Hot
Nathan Collins is stunned when he’s served with divorce papers...almost as stunned as he’d been three weeks prior when his wife had suddenly asked him to move out of the house.  At the time, Susan had proposed a thirty-day separation followed by marriage counseling.  Nathan intends to hold her to that agreement. 

He moves from stunned to pissed when Susan attempts to use blackmail as a means to obtain his signature on the papers.  Damned if he’ll be blackmailed into anything, especially when he’s innocent of the accusations.  He’d never cheat on his wife.

When an unexpected storm and a flooded road strand them together for the weekend, neither suspects that it will lead to a discovery of secret desires and fantasy fulfillment.  But will their renewed passion be enough to revive their fledgling marriage?  Despite Nathan’s vehement denial, Susan has some pretty convincing evidence of his extramarital activities.